tiga puluh lima: Good Vibes

I love catching up with people with good vibes.

It’s true isn’t it? Every time I feel negativity start to sneak in, I just drop by to meet my friends or my family whom I can laugh with or have some fun together. Laughter could really ease the tensions, and I’m so lucky to have those people who I can share joy with^^

Sometimes when the stress coming in, I don't even like this feeling, i just only wants to sit at home and feel pity at myself. But that's not good since it’s only going to make me feel worse. That’s why catching with friends and family always a good choice, especially with the positive people. Their positivism is just contagious. And I always ended up going home in much better mood afterwards.

I love my family and my friends so much! 

Thanks! xoxo (^^,)

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